Raising Campaign Cash: Ruben Villarreal Texas HD144

Ruben Villarreal is a Hispanic republican running for Texas HD144. Go figure. He beat Gilbert Pena in the republican primary after Pena raised a couple of thousand dollars.

His financial reports do not add up. He lists total loans adding up to $13,088 but only $9140 is documented. His total fundraising equals only $24,850 not including the $13,088 loan. Not including as in he didn’t include it in his contributions. About $8740 in loans came from, what appears to be a relative, Roberto Villarreal and $400 came from Ruben himself. His COH is $8076, again not including the $13,088 in loans.

His expenditures total 17,258.

$22,500 out of the $24,850 raised came from 3 PACS, $20,000 from Texans for Lawsuit Reform a front group for businesses in Texas, $1500 from the Hispanic Republican PAC, and $1000 from the State Farm PAC. Only $2350 came from individuals.

It appears TLR is going to finance Villarreal’s campaign. He is the Hispanic republican pigeon for the 2018 elections. I would bet this isn’t the first time TLR would finance a campaign in fact I remember a race years ago in the same area where TLR heavily financed a Hispanic Women in the Democratic primary. She lost.

Villarreal should be consider funded and dangerous. TLR is a cash cow and has tens of thousands to spend on this race against a current, very successful, representative, Mary Ann Perez.

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