Spending Campaign Cash: David Mays Middleton

David Mays Middleton raised $1.7.Million for a primary race in Galveston County. 87% of that was his own money, $1.5Million. According to his latest financial report he spent over $1.6 Million for his 7,981 primary votes or $207 per vote.

Here is what he spent his money on:

$460,144 on Campaign Services. This included payments to a few individuals for $66k, $41k, $33K, $31k, $28k, $18k. A total of about 25 individuals were paid for campaign services. That is an incredible amount of money to be paying for “campaign services”.

$501,530 on Consulting. How much consulting do you need to reach 7981 voters? Many entire campaign budget for a state race are $500,000 or less. This was just for a primary race.

$153,147 on Marketing.
$49,235 on signs.
$50,990 on billboards
$15,000 on postage
$8,864 on legal services

The entire $1.7Million can be viewed on the Texas Ethics Commission’s website.

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