Loaning Campaign Cash: Joan Huffman SD17

From The Lone Star Project

Loaning yourself money to get elected seems to be a thing with republicans including State Senator Joan Huffman.

According to her campaign finance reports Huffman loaned her campaign $890,000 with another $100,000 coming from Lt Governor Dan Patrick and she donated another $101,000. This amount was over 25% of her entire fundraising effort.

She raised a total of $4.9 Million with $2.0 Million coming from donations ranging from $10,000-$150,000. Her top donors were the Weekley brothers for $200,000, Anthony Annuziato for $150,000,  Robert McNair for $115,000, Bob Perry for $192,000, John Nau for $100,000, Stephen Davis for $140,000,  Tilman Fertitta for $60,000,  and Texans for Lawsuit Reform for $325,000. Today Huffman has about $69,000 Cash on Hand.

Huffman is well known for filing the so called “bathroom bill” that wasted considerable amount of time and money for a law that could never be enforced and could probably be used against her, just in case. The bill was flushed late in the session after Huffman listened to overwhelming negative testimony during the hearing. The testimony didn’t matter to her. It was passed immediately after the testimony was over.

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