Movie Review: Mile 22

Wait for it to hit DVD.

This is an action packed movie which could have been a lot better if I had sat in the last row or the film director had invested in stabilizers for his cameras. This wasn’t a very memorable movie, to the point I cant remember much about it and for good reason. It just wasn’t that good. The ending added a great twist that made you wonder “What the hell was that about?” and “Why did I pay $8 to see it?” and “Where the hell did I park my car?”. Memorable.

Mark Wahlberg was saddled with a character with anger issues and mental conditions, the exact characteristics needed in a FBI/CIA agent. (not!) Besides flying off the handle and long winded explanations to his adversaries and team members, he has a bad habit of snapping a rubber wrist band to control his outbursts. It doesn’t work very well and it was annoying. Very annoying. Throughout the entire damn movie! For god’s sake take a downer!

One of the best part of the move is Rhonda Rousey. She was knocked off early so we were spared her horrible acting abilities. Rousey has a habit of looking like she is faking a bad ass snarl on her face right up to the point she gets her ass knocked out, twice. She needs to stick to the WWE where bad acting and fake snarls are requirements for a wrestler.

Overall this was just a notch above a straight to DVD movie.

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