TX AG Ken Paxton: Party invitation for killing pre-existing condition coverage

On Sept 10th, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will lead the legal team of Republican attorneys and AG’s across the country to once and for all kill the pre-existing coverage mandate. According to a press release, Paxton will throw a party to celebrate:

AG Paxton Invites Texans to Celebrate the Death of the Pre-Existing Health Insurance Mandate

Thursday, August 30, 2018 – Austin 

Attorney General Ken Paxton invites all Texans to celebrate with him and his attorneys when they successfully kill health care coverage for pre-existing conditions. According to Paxton “We will celebrate restoring freedom of choice of coverage for all Texans. For the many Texans without an ailment like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, or other pre-existing conditions, they will have the freedom to choose a policy that covers only healthy individuals at a substantial cost benefit.”
Paxton, as the Texas AG has been selected to lead the challenge to the Affordable Care Act. If successful health insurance coverage will revert back to pre-ACA policies. This along with removing the mandatory coverage mandate of the ACA will result in a successful dismantling the protections provided by the ACA. “Since Congress was not able to repeal the ACA, as they have promised for 10 years, I will do it piecemeal. In the end pre-existing coverage will end and we will celebrate!”
The Texas Attorney General invites all healthy Texans to the South Lawn of the Texas Capitol Sept 10, 2018 at 5:00 PM. No accommodations will be provided for the disabled, except for Governor Abbott since he has tax funded health care for life to protect him and his family. Their pre-existing conditions will always be covered as will mine. Everyone else should consider getting healthy, losing some damn weight, quit drinking and eating fried chicken, or go find some free healthcare somewhere. Consider Mexico or Canada. 

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