Harris County Republic Party fails at voter suppression

Alan Vera (from village republic women)

I said it last week:

According to the Press the Harris County Republican Party’s Ballot Security Committee has issued 4000 challenges to voter registration which the County Tax Assessor must respond to with the letter received by residents of the Third Ward. According to republicans this is a legal tactic much like conspiring with Russia to win an election. I wonder what would happen if the County Attorney took action and investigated this a bit deeper.

Well, they did. From the Houston Chronicle:

The Harris County Attorney’s office said Tuesday that the 4,000 voter registrations challenged by a county Republican Party official were invalid, and the voter registrar should not have sent suspension notices to more than 1,700 county voters.

And BOOM! Bitch. I guess I need to rescind my challenge of Alan Vera, the chairman of the Harris County Republic Party’s Ballot Security Committee. Its sad that they even have a Ballot Security Committee. You would think someone like Vera, a former Director at Greater Houston Partnership would have something better to do than voter suppression. Maybe like voter registration or trying to convince a group of young people of color that the republic party isn’t a bunch of racist, politically ignorant, lying, corrupt bag of dicks.

According to the Chronicle Vera will “Take up follow-up actions” so I guess reaching out to young people of color isn’t going to happen. SAD!

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