Loaning Campaign Cash: Texas Rep Matthew D. Rinaldi

Texas Representatie Matthew D. Rinaldi joins other republicans in Texas who believe in buying a seat at the table. He shares the table with Kathleen Wall, Angela Paxton, State Representative Dennis Paul, State Senator Don Huffines, David Mays Middleton, and State Senator Joan Huffman.

Representative Rinaldi, elected in 2012 has raised over $900,000 (post coming soon). He has loaned his campaign about $250,000, over 25% of this total haul. He has a $100,000 loan balance and a Cash on Hand of $256,000. In July of 2015 he loaned himself $100,000 to raise his COH to $272,000. 6 months later he paid his loan off leaving a COH balance of $122,000. It’s as if he was padding his COH balance.

Needless to say, Rinaldi is wealthy enough to pad his COH balance. He is a Representative from House District 115 in the Farmers Branch area. He is being challenged by Julie Johnson in the general election. Johnson doesn’t need loans for her race. She has a COH balance of over $200,000. BTW:

Bennett Ratliff, a Republican who preceded Matt Rinaldi as state representative for House District 115 in Dallas County, on Friday endorsed Rinaldi’s Democratic opponent, Julie Johnson, in the Nov. 6 election. 

in 2017 Rinaldi was listed as one of the worst legislators in Texas by Texas Monthly.

He called Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report that some of the protesters in the gallery were undocumented immigrants. Then he walked over to a group of Latino legislators and taunted them about his call to ICE. This seemed exactly the kind of racial profiling that Hispanic lawmakers had feared. The resulting shoving match was predicable. We won’t try to parse whether Rinaldi had legitimate cause to fear for his safety. But we do know that he escalated the incident when he threatened to put a bullet in the head of Democrat Poncho Nevárez. The Democrats weren’t blameless, but Rinaldi was the instigator. His conduct embarrassed himself, the House, and Texas.

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