TX Congressman Pete Olson's health

I have written about Pete Olson’s pre-existing condition that will be covered regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit that could end coverage for everyone else but after watching the video below I am wondering if Olson is all there. Watch the first part then move to 8:10 to watch how he reacts to one of the few attendees of his meet and greet. She questioned his use of “Info-American” in reference to his opponent and to his reference to the chant “CNN Sucks”. He looked rattled.

Olson was my Congressman back in 2008. During his few years representing NASA, before he moved to Sugarland to take advantage of the gerrymandering, Olson was instrumental in losing a United States Space Shuttle to New York as well as losing major integration facilities to other states.

Olson has put on weight. He has strange mannerisms. He looks like he is just going through the motions. His speech seems to be slow. His eyes sunken. Maybe the fact that a relatively unknown, exciting, opponent who is incredibly qualified for the job, has never ending energy, has been endorsed by the Houston Chronicle, and has worked district has gotten under his skin.

Win or lose I hope Olson will take a few weeks off and pay attention to his health because he looks like a pile of hammered dog poo.

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