Just in time for Christmas! An AR-15 with a bump stock!

As the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus Christ approaches, Texans have made a list and are checking it twice looking for that special gift that reflects the season of joy, happiness, and love.

And what can be better to celebrate the coming of Christ than an assault rifle, like the popular AR-15?  Coupled with accessories like a 100 round barrel clip and a bump stock to convert the rifle to fully automatic makes this a perfect gift to light up the face of any high school Christian student!

And where else but Academy Sports and Outdoors to start your purchase? Academy has a wide selection of assault style weapons such as the AR-15, Rugers, Mossbergs, Colt and many many more with price ranges just right for every frugal Christmas shopper! Academy sells the Radical Firearms AR-15 for only $529.00, a gift that would wake up the face of anyone anxiously awaiting Baby Jesus!

But that is not all! A 100 round barrel clip can be found on the internet for the low price of just $79.95 and a bump stock that converts the AR-15 into a fully automatic rifle can be found for the low, low price of $150. Order now before those g–damn Baby Jesus hating Democrats take them off the g–damn Christmas cheer market!

Complete your Christmas purchase with a “Freedom Bucket” of 300 rounds of quality bullets also sold with joy at Academy Sports and Outdoors!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ with an AR-15, bump stock, 100 round magazine, and a bucket full of ammo snuggled under the Christmas tree in a festive manner! Just look at the above video to see what kind of Christmas cheer a purchase like this can bring to any young Christian!

Merry Christmas to the republicans for protecting the rights of Texans to bring this kind of Christmas joy to our streets, dance clubs, churches, schools, concerts, and restaurants!

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