Texas Republican Party. "We are only 25% racist!"

Pic by Star Telegram reporter Bud Kennedy

Last night 25% of the executive committee of the Tarrant County Republican Party, about 49 of them, voted to remove a committee member because he is a Muslim. They failed, but the fact they actually had a vote and 49 of the 139 members voted in favor speaks loudly about what the (R) behind a candidates name stands for and the misplaced faith by Dr.  Shafi. From the Dallas Morning News:

“Today, the beacon of liberty held by the Statue of Liberty is shining brighter,” Shafi said after the vote. “My faith in our party, in our country, has been reaffirmed.”

It’s hard to have pity for Dr Shahid Shafi. He knew what he was walking into when he joined the Republican Party just like every Hispanic, Black, woman, non-christian, and teacher have. This party does not reflect your values. The fact they had to actually vote on your religion should tell you that you picked the wrong party. 

Your faith in a party that calls for a Muslim ban, whose leaders claims Muslims are terrorists, whose members call for your removal based upon your religion, is misplaced on the (R)acist party. This is who they have become. This isn’t the beacon of liberty. It the light of darkness and shame.

This is partly your fault. You knew who they were. You knew what the (R) stands for. You should not be complaining.

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