Tx Republican Will Hurd: To win, don't be a racist.

From The Wall Street Journal

It’s sad that in this time and age Republicans have to tell their colleagues how to win elections as Congressman Will Hurd did in the Wall Street Journal:

“This is how you win suburban women: Actually talk to them. Talk to their kids. Do things to make sure their kids are ready for the future. Don’t be a racist, and don’t be a misogynist.”

To recap: Don’t be a racist because racism is bad. Real bad. And don’t be a misogynist pig because that is bad too. Here are a few other things Hurd should tell his party members on how to win elections:

Don’t send dick pics to your mistress. Ask former Congressman Joe Barton or soon to be former Senator Charles Schwertner of Texas. Both were caught sending dick pics. Barton sent it to his mistress. He was forced to resign. 

Don’t send dick pics to college students. According to Schwertner someone other than himself sent a dick pic to a college student. Schwertner claims it wasn’t his dick. He has since asked Lt Gov Patrick not to assign him to the chairman of his committee. Sounds like he knows something.

Don’t call women the C word. It should go without saying that an elected official should never use the C word especially towards women but when you have to tell grown men to not send dick pics you probably have to tell grown me to act like grown men,

Don’t steal your donors money. Congressman Duncan Hunter was caught and charged with multiple felonies of stealing his donors money. He has since blamed it on his wife. He was re-elected.

Don’t deal in inside trading. Congressman Chris Collins of New York was charged with multiple felonies of insider trading. Sitting on the board of a biotech company based in Australia Collins shared inside information to select individuals before the stock crashed. He was  also re-elected.

Also, get rid of that (R) behind your name. Its as popular as herpes at a hot tub party.

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