Tony Buzbee is full of shit. Again.

This entire story about Tony Buzbee’s home being robbed of over $21 Million as reported by Courthouse News just doesn’t seem to settle well, like bad yogurt on a late Sunday night. According to Buzbee:

“Luckily, I was armed, and ran the subject out of my home, and but for the fact that my weapon misfired, I would have shot one of them.”

If you are being robbed, scared for your life, and had a revolver that “misfires” what would you do? Pull the damn trigger again! If you have a .45 type of weapon then you eject the shell and fire again. Anyone who has a lick of gun sense knows how to do this. Buzbee is a Marine. He should know better. Either he can’t shoot a gun or he is not telling his story correctly.

His story sounds like the same kind of bullshit he is shoveling for Mayor. He lives in a $10 Million home and yet he doesn’t have a security system or camera? Even my home has a security camera for fuck sakes. Any idiot who stores tens of millions of valuables in their home would have a very advanced alarm. If you have paintings worth millions how in the world would you not protect them with an alarm? How can they breach his wall in River Oaks, get access into his house, and be able to steal $21 Million in valuables without being noticed, photographed, tripping alarms, or shot?

I look forward to the investigation by HPD and his insurance company. Personally I think Buzbee is full of shit. Again.

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