Candidates for Houston City Council who support Trump

Which candidates for Houston City Council support Trump? This doesn’t seem to be a hard question but it turns out it the answers can be complicated.

For instance when asked “Do you support Trump?” the usual answer from various candidates is “I support the President like I supported all Presidents.” OK. that question didn’t work. “Do you support the wall?” is answered with “I support border security.” That didn’t work either.  “How much did you donate to his campaign?” “I have a meeting to go to.”

So before tagging any candidate who supports this rotten human being President I will have to develop a set of detailed questions to ask, research their donations, look at their twitter feeds (Already done that), and look for pictures of candidates at his rallies or fundraisers.

Let’s use Tony Buzbee as an example. In 2016 Buzbee gave the Trump Victory Fund $250,000. He held a fundraiser for Trump at his home in River Oaks. He donated $35,000 to Trump’s PAC and $165,000 to the RNC. He then donated $500,000 to Trump’s inauguration. According to the Center for Public Integrity, a donation of this size comes with tickets to the ball, a luncheon with the President and Pence, VIP seating at the parade, seating at the swearing in ceremony and much much more.

So for Buzbee it is clear.  Buzbee is a Trump supporter although he has claimed he withdrew his support after the “Grab em by the p****” comment and just weeks before donating the $500,000.

Yeah right.

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