Facebook needs to ban political and religious posts.

Or maybe they should do something like Nextdoor has implemented.

I had the idea of creating a Facebook identity with a “no politics and no religious posts” policy. I would like to be able to interface and share posts and information with family members including those who are on the other side of the aisle politically. I am sure they would like the same thing.

So, Next-door removed all political posts from the newsfeed and put them into a special interest forum. The only way to read and access these posts is to subscribe to the interest group, otherwise none of the political posts are displayed in your feed. It is a win-win for everyone. I can enjoy Nextdoor without having to read the incredible ignorance of politically ignorant people.

Facebook should do something similar. Every post should be required to be marked Political or Religious if they are political or religious in nature and users could then elect to block these types of posts from their feeds. It’s not that hard to implement.

Facebook doesn’t want to do this because of the money they make from political ads regardless if they are from candidates or from organizations or foreign governments. To Facebook it is all about the money.

Деньги, Деньги, Деньги, Деньги, Деньги.

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