Who shouldn't be running for Texas Senator

From Youtube

Texas Senator John Cornyn is venerable. He is a life long politician. He has betrayed his conservative values by bowing to Trump and his unconstitutional policies, racism, and lawlessness. He is old. As a former Judge on the Texas Supreme Court he watches and makes excuses for Trump as he breaks the law, stretches the truth, and down right lies, every, single, day. Cornyn is venerable but there are a couple of candidates that should not be running.

Candidate who should considered running are Kim Olson, Joaquín Castro, and MJ Hegar, )although she should run for Congress again. She has the momentum and could win.)

As I have said in the past, this is not a f***in game. When you put your name on the ballot you are running for a job that affects people’s lives. If you are not a serious candidate all you are doing to hurting those that are. Let’s start with my favorite:

Sema Hernandez. Sema was caught up in the Bernie Sanders school of “Run everywhere” even if you do not have any experience for the job you are applying for. As a candidate for office Sema has absolutely no qualifications for the position. None. Zero. Zip. She also has no idea of what she is getting into. When she ran against Beto she raised $6000. Not $60 Million. $6000. It’s as if she was running for school board. She is supported by the Socialist Party, a no starter right there. Unfortunately she has already stated her intentions of wasting our time. Again.

Michael Cooper. Michael ran in the Democratic Primary for Lt Governor. Like Sema he has no idea about raising money for a position that requires millions. He raised only a few thousand dollars. He is a Pastor of a church,  president of the South East Texas Toyota Dealers and in executive management with Kinsel Motors. Like it or not, campaigns requires money. Lots of money. Millions. If you cannot acknowledge this and refuse to put the time and effort into raising money then you are wasting our time and serious candidates money.

Wendy Davis. Senator Davis was a great Texas Senator but failed in her run for Governor losing by 59-38. She had a great following and brought excitement to the race but eventually failed. Her strength is not in running for office.

Joseph Kopser, retired United States Army Lieutenant Colonel and nominee for Texas’s 21st congressional district in 2018. He ran a close race to Chip Roy. He should run for this position again. He could win. We need him to stay in his lane. Bro.

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