How to respond to a Trump supporter about our candidates

With the elections coming up in a year and a half and our candidates vying for position Trump supporters (MAGAts) might jump in with unsolicited comments and critiques. Here is a guideline for responding to these comments:

If they say: She doesn’t have enough experience.
You say: Bitch. You voted for the most politically ignorant candidate in the history of the United States. Shut up.
If they say: He has a problem with touchy feely.
You say: Bitch. Shut the hell up. You voted for someone who has 23 TWENTY THREE women who have sexual assault allegations against him. You voted for the guy who actually said “Grab em by the pussy” so shut the living fuck up.
If they say: I can’t trust him.
You say: Bitch. You voted for someone who porked a porn star and a playboy bunny, paid them off in order to win an election, covered it up, then lied to you about it. And you trust him? Really?
If they say: I’m a fiscal conservative. I can’t support a Democrat.
You say: Bitch. Trump has added $2 Trillion to our debt and created a $1 Trillion deficit from his ill conceived tax cuts for the richest Americans. He makes fun of disabled people. He mocks others. He is a racist. He is a liar. If you voted for him, you are not a conservative. You are a republican.
If they say: He doesn’t have enough foreign experience.
You say: Bitch. You voted for someone who had ZERO foreign experience except for running a Miss Russia contest. Not a single shred of applicable experience. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Заткнись 
If they say: I’m undecided.
You say: Bitch. You are a fuckin idiot.

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