Do you still think you are a "Conservative"?

The republic party used to be filled with conservatives until the extreme far right followed trump and pushed them out. The party is now filled with racists, liars, white supremecists and just plain rotten aholes. These are truly horrible people.

Many conservatives are wondering if they really are conservative anymore. Here is a little help for you, Ask yourself if you support the republic party on the following issues:

  • Russia didn’t interfered in the 2016 elections even after the Special Counsel and the United States Intelligence community says they did and continue to do so
  • Mocking a disabled American
  • Bragging about grabbing women by the p****
  • Calling political opponents names like a 8 year old
  • Lying over and over and over again to the American people
  • Claiming Mexico will pay for the wall
  • Putting children in cages
  • Separating children from their parents
  • Blaming others for the ills of the country
  • Alienating our allies
  • Creating a $1 Trillion deficit
  • Adding $2 Trillion to the debt
  • Turning a blind eye to the killing and dismembering of a journalist
  • Calling African nations shitholes
  • Calling Americans the “Enemy of the State”
  • Disgracing a former Vietnam Veteran even after his death
  • Bowing to Vladamir Putin in Helsinki
  • Bowing to dictator Kim Jung Un 
If you think any of this is appropriate for the leader of the United States of America, then you are NOT a Conservative. You are a Republican.

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