Dear NASA, SpaceX blew up.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more reporting on this.

During a static test of SpaceX Crewed Vehicle, Dragon, the vehicle exploded. A leaked video and commentary was posted on the web before SpaceX could stop it. The media referred to the explosion as an “anomaly”. You can watch the video below.

This was suppose to have tested the abort system on the crewed vehicle. SpaceX was scheduled to put humans into this vehicle for their first manned trip to the Space Station in late 2019. I can only hope the root cause of this “anomaly” will be found, corrected, and re-tested before any human being puts a foot into it. They have successfully launched the crewed vehicle without a crew and docked with the Space Station earlier in the year.
This is not the first vehicle that blew up on the pad for SpaceX. In 2016 an unmanned vehicle was destroyed along with the payload. In 2015 they had another “anomaly” which destroyed the payload and vehicle. Payloads can be replaced. Humans cannot. This isn’t pushing the envelope technology. Escape systems were developed over 50 years ago. “Anomalies” like this should concern everyone. Especially the crew.
BTW. NASA successfully tested the Launch Abort System for the Orion Crewed Vehicle being developed by Lockheed back in 2010. 

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