TX Congressman Pete Olson: Gun silencers should be legal

Leave it to Pete Olson and Brian Babin to support the Virginia Beach shooter.

Texas Congressmen Pete Olson CD22 and Brian Babin CD36 cosponsored House Bill 155 which would make buying a silencer as easy as buying a gun, which is pretty easy in the USA. The bill is called the “Hearing Protection Act” and would allow easy access to a silencer like the one the Virginia Beach shooter used to kill 12 Americans. Olson and Babin believe it is important to protect the victims hearing as they are shot to death.

Babin is in a 70/30 district and will easily win reelection but Pete Olson won in 2018 by only 3 points and the district is now a target for the Democratic Party. Easy access to a gun silencer is about as stupid as nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize which both had sponsored. Currently the law allows silencers to be purchased but there are specific requirements and applications that must be met.

Making  it easier is not in the best interests of the vast majority of Americans.

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