Dallas Police vs open carry of assault weapons

Photo by Tom Fox of The Dallas Morning News

Dallas citizens and police were lucky. 

In Texas Governor Abbott signed a bill to allow open carry which includes carrying loaded assault rifles like the Dallas shooter did this past week. Luckily no one was injured besides the shooter. Abbott and the Republican Party believes dressing up in military outfits, wearing bullet proof vests, and holding loaded assault weapons with large capacity clips in public is necessary and is a right of all gun nuts across Texas. This is legal in Texas. 

So it shouldn’t be so shocking to anyone that a person like this can simply walk up to the building and start shooting. In 2016 Five officers were killed, and nine others and two civilians were injured during a shoot out at a Black Lives Matter protest. During this event people were carrying assault weapons which confused those who were providing security for the event. So how does any of this protect our Police Officers?

Short answer. It doesn’t. What kind of idiot thinks carrying loaded assault type of weapons in public, dressed up like GI-Joe is necessary? How do we determine if this person is a law abiding gun nut and not a domestic terrorist? This is insanity. Law enforcement across the state was against this bill yet Abbott and company passed it anyway.

Unfortunately the police across Texas continue to vote for them.

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