It you can't follow the law: Bill King

This isn’t Bill King’s first rodeo.

Bill King ran for Mayor of Houston 4 years ago. You would think his campaign would know that the “Political Advertisement Paid for by” requirement applies to all candidates. King’s campaign was in the neighborhood putting out door hangers without the necessary disclosure requirement. King might want to review the following section of Title 15 Election Code:

Sec. 255.001. Required Disclosure on Political Advertising
(a) A person may not knowingly cause to be published, distributed, or broadcast political advertising containing express advocacy that does not indicate in the advertising:
    (1) that it is political advertising; and
    (2) the full name of: 
      (A) the person who paid for the political advertising;
      (B) the political committee authorizing the political advertising; or
      (C) the candidate or specific-purpose committee supporting the candidate, if the political advertising is authorized by the candidate.

If you can’t follow the laws yourself, how can we trust you to make the laws for us?

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