Breaking: Trump calls for draft for war in Iran

President Donald J. Trump calls for a draft to prepare for war with Iran

 Foreign Policy Issued on: 
On June 24, 2019, by Executive Order 13466, the President declared a national emergency, with respect to a potential war with Iran, and pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act has called for a draft to replenish and maintain the strength of our military forces.

The President has called upon the Director of the Selective Service System, Donald Benton, to develop the rules for a draft including guidelines for deferments, medical situations, and exemptions for family care givers. The President has provided the following comments:

“Because of the endless wars by the Obama Administration our military service men are spread too thin. They have fought courageously through multiple tours. It is time to replenish their ranks especially with an inevitable war with Iran. The Director should set guidelines for the draft to include men and women, no deferments of any kind, and a tax for families who cannot participate in war time activities. The only exception should be for family care givers.”

The President’s guideline also include a tax on families that do not send their family members into battle in order to help pay for the war. Students drafted while in college would finish their semester and return after their tour of duty. High school graduates would begin immediately if selected. Everyone will participate in some fashion.

“Under my plan every single family in America would be able to perform their patriotic duty in the war in Iran by fighting or paying for the war. The 2nd Amendment Patriots of America who enjoy walking the streets dressed as a soldier and carrying an assault rifle can now walk in the streets of Iran serving their country with a taxpayer provided weapon. Even those with bone spurs can now participate and serve their country.” 

June 21, 2019.

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