CORRECTION: Not Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Buzbee

I recently posted Raising Campaign Cash: Houston City Elections. Final. Thoughts stating Tony Buzbee has $5.1 Million cash on hand and raised $5.5 Million. That is not true and I have since corrected it.

Tony Buzbee did not raised any money, as in, zero dollars. The $5.5 Million came out of his own pocket.  Buzbee unlike the other candidates running for Mayor or any other office in Houston is wealthy. In his case, filthy wealthy. He has enough money to spare that he does not need to ask people to donate to his campaign because they believe in his stance or his support of Trump. He doesn’t have to spend half a day on the phone asking for donations. He doesn’t have to have fundraisers. He doesn’t have to prove he is a viable candidate for a very important office.

So, he raised $0 because he is filthy rich. I stand corrected.

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