Republican, Democrat, Independent? Bill King

As stated before, having a (R) behind your name when running for office is about as popular as herpes at a hot tub party. Based upon Bill King’s history of donations, voting history, and his endorsements, Bill King is a Republican (R).

Over the last few years King donated about $7000 to various republican organizations and individuals including Paul Bettencourt and the Coaltion for a Greater Houston which is no where to be found.  He donated $1500 to the Spring Branch Republicans, and $250 to the Kingwood Area Republican Women’s Club. It’s not a large amount of donations but it is in support of republicans.

He also donated to the Houston Realty Business Coalition which in 2018 endorsed every republican running in 2018. We expect that to continue in 2019. His voting record is very clear voting in the republican primary since 2006. King has also never been a friend of the LGBTQ community. So with all of that, it is pretty clear King is an (R) in a nonpartisan race.

At least he isn’t taking pictures and having fundraisers for Trump.

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