When Trump calls you Pocahontas, or Fredo…

Trump, like an 8 year old, enjoys referring to others with cute, sometimes racist names. Calling Senator Warren Pocahontas, or VP Biden “Sleepy Joe” are just two examples of this childish behavior. I hope our candidates will learn how to handle these immature, racists comments during the 2020 campaign because he is going to continue to do it.

If it was me I would respond with the following when asked about his comments: 

What do you expect? Seriously, what do you expect from Trump? This is who he is. This is what he does. Nothing will change that. When he calls someone Pocahontas, or Fredo, or Pablo, he isn’t doing it to be cute. It’s racist. It is just simply racist and that is who he is. It is so incredibly sad that I have to say the President of the United States is a racist but he is. His name calling is beneath the dignity of an 8 year old but again, that is who he is. So what do you expect from him?

Calling a German American “Adolph”, or a Mexican American “Santa Anna”, or an Irish American “Mickey” or a Native American “Pocahontas” or “Chief”, would usually get your ass kicked. Lucky for Trump he has the secret service to protect him. Calling names like this is demeaning, ignorant, insulting, and racist.

That is who Trump is.

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