What we want to hear tonight at the #DemocraticDebate

Pic via NBC News

It’s Texas. We are in play this year. Our republican leadership has failed us on immigration, gun violence, health care and bleeding local governments dry. We need help. Tell us how you can help.

We are tired of mass shootings in Texas where we have guns on demand. In just 6 short years we have lost students, shoppers, worshipers, bystanders, and police officers due to gun violence using military style weapons. We are tired of wondering if we will be next. Our leadership calls for thoughts and prayers and round table discussions. The thoughts aren’t working. The prayers go unanswered. The round tables end in no action. They have done nothing.

There is a humanity crisis on our borders which our leaders have ignored year after year using it for campaign fodder instead of solving the issue. Trump has made it worse. Horribly and deadly worse. Again we need adult supervision.

Our healthcare costs continue to skyrocket even after we passed massive tort reform 15 years ago with the promise of more healthcare providers providing more competition and lower rates. It didn’t work. We have the highest number of uninsured in the nation. Costs are too high. Our state is sick.

So tell us what you are going to do to end the violence, solve our humanity crisis on the border, and to insure our families are cured when they are sick and stay healthy.

We are listening.

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