The three faces of Tony Buzbee

Much like Donald Trump, when someone tells you Tony Buzbee is a rich, politically ignorant, jackass, believe them.

Buzbee, who is running for Mayor of Houston, likes to claim he is an “independent” yet has a history of massive donations to Donald Trump and the Republican Party and donations to the local Democratic Party to help wipe out Republican Judges in Harris County. (It worked!) There is nothing worse than someone who is two faced, willing to tell you what ever you want to hear depending upon who you are or, in the newest case, who you love.

It has been rumored Buzbee was cozy with one of the most homophobic, hateful,  “christians” in the Houston area. Now it is official. Hotze has officially endorsed Buzbee and we have pictures to prove it. This is who Buzbee is sucking up to:

“The illegitimate SCOTUS ruling does not name Texas, so fight those lousy bastards,” said Hotze, president of Conservative Republicans of Texas, a group influential in Harris County GOP primaries. “They hate God and want to let the Sodomites queer our country.”

Tony Buzbee is a rich, politically ignorant, jackass. Believe me.

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