Raising Campaign Cash: Eric Dick

From the Houston Chronicle

Dick is pulling a Buzbee.

Eric Dick is on the Harris County Department of Education and as predicted has made a fool out of himself and his fellow republicans. He filed a complaint against fellow board member and fellow republican, Mike Wolfe, for sexual harassment. Dick also filed an ethics complaint against Wolfe for not reporting a $28,000 loan from Dick. Dick really doesn’t play well with others. See Dick speak:

The investigation clearly shows that Mike Wolfe is a pervert. He should resign immediately. If he refuses, I beg the County Attorney to file a law suit to remove him. It is unacceptable to serve as an elected official when you sexually harassed someone.” – Eric Dick

Now see Dick run for Houston City Council and like Buzbee can’t raise money. In his latest report Dick raised only $1,435 but he loaned himself $75,000 as well as spent $93,248 out of his own pocket. It’s a pattern for Dick. In 2015 he spent $74,652 out of his own pocket in his race for Houston City Council. His $75,000 investment didn’t work out very well. He lost.

Like Buzbee he is financing his campaign with $168,2348 out of his own pocket trying to win a seat he is not qualified to hold especially when there is an extremely well qualified, enthusiastic, candidate in the same race. 
BTW the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association has endorsed Dick. They don’t know dick.

One Response to Raising Campaign Cash: Eric Dick

  1. Anonymous says:

    “he is financing his campaign with $168,2348 out of his own pocket”How much is that supposed to be? $168 thousand and change, or $1.68 million and change?

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