Texas GOP. Like Trump they need to cheat to win.

The Texas Republican Party has adopted the Trump campaign strategy: Lie. Cheat. Steal

How many times do we hear so-called independents (embarrassed republicans) say we need civility, and truth in politics, and “Both parties do it”. Well they must be really pissed now that the Texas Republican Party has leaked their 2020 campaign strategy…. to the Democratic Party. 

From the leaked memo, emailed to the Democrats, the Party will create a disinformation campaign, just like Russia did in 2016, buying website domains that look like a Democrat’s website and load it with negative information. I would expect this disinformation campaign to be staged on social media, buying ads on Facebook.

They intend to reach out to minorities with ads showcasing minorities that are probably paid actors or stock photos. That has been done before. And according to the Houston Chronicle:

According to the leaked memo, the Republican Party of Texas plans to create “microsites for negative hits” against a dozen Democratic candidates who defeated Republican incumbents in the 2018 elections. The party would work to juice sites’ appearances on search engines and buy Democratic candidate website domain names still available and reroute clicks to those domains to the microsites.

They intend to use their money to do what Trump does best, cheat. Instead of debating the issues they intend to just simply cheat. Instead of defending their positions on health care, immigration, taxes, they will defend their cheating. 

At least, in the leaked memo, the Texas GOP finally agrees that Trump is toxic. It only took them 4 years to figure that out but then again, Trump has always been a great representation of the Texas GOP. He is a liar. A cheater. A crook. A racist. A rotten human being.

This is who they are.

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