Another Texas Republican asked to resign over racist text

There is more to this.

Back in March the Chair of the Galveston County Republican Party referred to a Black activist as a “Typical Nig”. Today, a full 8 months later, she has been asked to resign by the Governor and the GOP. 8 months later.

So the question has to be be asked, when did they know it, and when did they decide to just ignore the racist text by a republican party official? Not only is the text worthy of resignation by the Chair, but also those who knew about it and did nothing about it. If nothing else they should have stood up and immediately condemned her text and asked her to step down.

The Texas Republican Party has had a problem reaching out to the non-white voters. Putting Latino children in cages, making racist comments about Asian Americans, and referring to a Black activist as a “typical nig” is just typical of the party of trump.

And the response from the Chair:

One Response to Another Texas Republican asked to resign over racist text

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yesterday, the Galveston Daily News reported on a particularly ugly text message exchange between two members of the Galveston County Republican Party. It is very difficult to interpret the message as anything other than overtly racist. However, we should not look at this incident through a partisan lens. We all need to call out racism and other types of discrimination whenever and wherever we see it.Rather than dwell on this particular incident, I want to state clearly and unequivocally that the Galveston County Democratic Party does not condone discrimination against anyone based on who they are, without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, age, disability or socioeconomic or immigration status. We believe in equal opportunities and justice for everyone.The issues we face in our daily lives are varied and constantly changing. Our values endure. Galveston County supports a wonderful diversity of people and cultures. Bigotry and racism simply have no place here.C. John Young, Jr.ChairGalveston County Democratic Party

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