Little Baby Briscoe has a primary opponent

Little Baby Briscoe is a Texas State Representative from Deer Park, House District 128. He is well known for making threats and fondling of his little gun in public. He now has a challenger and it seems like he is a real conservative.

Robert Hoskins has filed to challenge Briscoe Cain for House District 128, a deep, deep, red district. Hoskins seems to be a talented individual currently sitting on the Baytown City Council with experience in the private sector, and President of the Goose Creek School Board. On the surface he seems to be a true Conservative Republican as opposed to the white wing wacko Briscoe Cain.

Cain might have a challenge on his hand. Hoskins has a long list of endorsements from Mayors, City Council Members, and members of the community. Cain probably has the endorsement of the various gun nut groups, tea baggers, and other white wing wackos. This will be a true test of the Republican Party. Do they want to be Conservatives or continue to be a bag of dicks?

The HD 128 race also has a Democrat, Josh Markle. Markle has recently outraised Cain.

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