Tony Buzbee. $13 Million down the sewer

Tony Buzbee got his rich, politically ignorant ass kicked in the race for Houston Mayor and for good reason.

Tony Buzbee attempted to run as an independent, not as a Republican or Democrat, even though city elections are considered non partisan. But instead of reaching out to both parties and trying to find common ground he tried, unsuccessfully, to play both sides and he failed spectacularly.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Tony Busby is a Republican and it was no clearer than the last two days of the campaign. He  sent out out an anti-LGBTQ mailer and Donald Trump endorsed him via a text. Some Republican party leaders even volunteered to send worthless robocalls. That pretty much solidified his stand in the Republican Party.

But we all knew this when he entered the race. On one hand, Busby donated over $1 million to Trump then went to his inauguration ball. He sought the endorsement of an anti-LGBTQ organization led by the homophobic poo-bah himself, Steve Hotze.  He would said anything to anyone to get anything. For the republicans it didn’t work so well. They refused to endorse him even though they endorsed two of the absolute worst candidates to run for office, Dolcefino and Dick.

On the other hand, he attempted to also play the Democrats by donating to the Harris County Democratic Party. For his $180,000 contribution he got boo-ed and ran out of and Executive Meeting by hundreds of precinct chairs who gladly took and spent his money to wipe out all the republican judges in Harris County. That didn’t work out so well for Busby

So as Tony Buzbee said, he fights with both hands and drinks with both hands but in the end he had to beat off both parties with both hands. And it got sticky.

Ew. Ewwwwww!

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