The "Don't be a Dick" bill

We have a law against fake videos. We need one for fake endorsements.

During the 2019 elections for Houston City Council Eric Dick, running for At Large 5 position, paid for a mailer that implied Black elected officials in the Houston area endorsed him. On the mailer, Dick was the only white person listed. None of the elected officials endorsed him. None.

The endorsement also came from a group called the Harris County Democratic News (HCDN), not affiliated with the Harris County Democratic Party. The mailer did not have the required disclosure “Political ad paid for by”.

With a little gum shoeing by an obnoxious, insignificant, blogger it was found that HCDN was owned by a friend and client of Eric Dick’s. HCDN was not registered as a PAC but was sending out mailers to influence an election. Unfortunately there was absolutely nothing that Dick’s opponents could do to stop him from doing it again. And he did.

Last legislation session Senate Bill 751 passed that prohibited “fake videos”. Here is the wording:

It’s time for a bill to address fake endorsements. The Republican Party and Eric Dick will do this again. It is sad that a bill must be passed to tell candidates not to lie to voters. 
So….looking for a sponsor for the Don’t be a Dick bill.

One Response to The "Don't be a Dick" bill

  1. Anonymous says:

    S.B. 751 is unconstitutional and so is your proposal.

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