Predictions for 2020

I’m one of the worst predictors in the world. I’m also one of the worst negotiators especially when buying a car. If you ever want to buy a car for more than sticker price, I’m the one to negotiate for you. I’m worst than Trump in negotiating, but back to predictions for 2020:

Republicans will get wiped out in November. The GOP has been taken over by white wing, politically ignorant, mean, rotten, racist, fiscally irresponsible, gun toting, bible thumping, hypocrites. (did I leave anything out?) There is hatred for this party and rightfully so. There is hatred for their leader, again rightfully so. They will feel this hatred in November. It’s sad. The GOP didn’t use to be like this. They used to be conservative.

Tony Buzbee will not return. After spending $13 million to get his ass kicked the only thing he accomplished was to show who he really was. He started out as a politically ignorant, Trump wannabe. He ended as a politically ignorant loser. It’s sad. He had potential but resorted to acting like Trump. Lets see if he continues to donate money.

Trump will not be removed. At this point, after the evidence has been publicly put on display for the world to see,  the GOP should be having a meeting with Trump urging him to take the honorable route and resign, but that assumes the GOP has an ounce of honor. They don’t. They have an opportunity to remove this cancer from their party and possibly avoid a wipe out in November, but I wouldn’t count on it. Trump has them bent over a table and they are enjoying it.

The wall will not be built. LOL. It never was. It never will. And Mexico is still not paying for it.

We will take CD 22. We have a couple of real good candidates running for CD 22. I have my favorite but both are great candidates. Pete Olson knew it and decided to quit. It’s going to be a great race to watch.

The January State of the Union is going to be a shit show. Speaker Pelosi just has to sit behind Trump to make him sweat. He is going to take 2 hours to whine about everything. Its going to be fun to watch and sad to watch what the Republican Party has become. I expect a few members of congress to walk out this time.

So….buckle up folks. The Beginning of the End of Trump is near.

2 Responses to Predictions for 2020

  1. Anonymous says:

    judging from the comments no one cares what you think

  2. Anonymous says:

    obviously you do

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