Raising Campaign Cash Texas Congressional District 22.

Oh brother. There are a boatload of republicans fighting each other for the nomination in Texas Congressional District 22 after Pete Olson quit. Many of them are politically ignorant nobodies and should not be running for any office but that doesn’t stop them from running, they are republicans after all. One in the boat is Douglas Haggard.

Haggard has raised a whopping $10,000 from one donor, himself. For a campaign that will need a million to compete in the primary Haggard has a long way to go.

Walz, Thaddeus also had a very poor showing, actually, no showing since he raised only $20,000 with $13,000 coming from his own pocket.

Republican Diana Miller raised $20,624 with $20,000 coming from her own pocket.

More reports coming as they are filed. The deadline for reports is Jan 15.

Candidate Raised Spent Loans COH
Kulkarni, Sri
Moore, Nyanza $142,528 $1,414,373 $35,596 $1,154
Reed, Derrick
Aaloori, Bangar  $61,092 $41,144 $19,947
Bush, Pierce $663,097 $22,246 $0 $640,850
Camarillo, Jon $61,430 $43,662 $1,970 $17,767
Chevalier, Keli
Haggard, Douglas $10,000 $5,071 $10,000 $4,928
Hammel, Schell
Harris Hoss, Felicity
Hermes, Aaron
Hill, Greg
Hinton, Mathew
Mathews, Dan
Miller, Diana $20,624 $10,993 $20,000 $9,630
Morgan, Clint $21,760 $21,760 $3,000 $0
Nehls, Troy $208,747 $79,506 $0 $129,241
Phan, Shandon $39,250 $20,510 $20,000 $8,739
Reddy, Bangar
Steele, Howard
Wall, Kathaleen $4,700 $1,604,387 $1,600,000 $0
Walz, Thaddeus $20,801 $15,820 $13,460 $4,964

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