Texas Organizing Project endorses the Socialist for Harris County DA

I should have seen this coming and I think I see the next one coming.

Texas Organizing Project (TOP) has endorsed the Socialist running for Harris County District Attorney, Audia Jones. TOP has received a major donation from a far left donor from California. As I have said in a previous post:

Real Justice PAC has spent $425,192 which includes in-kind contributions. $280,000 was donated to Texas Organizing Project PAC, an organization that generally performs great work in the field. Real Justice have donated to three candidates for District Attorney in Bexar, Tarrant, and Harris County.

$280,000 was donated by a single donor to Real Justice PAC, an extreme far lefty from California. They also have donated over $50,000 to Audia Jones which includes in-kind donations of over $20,000 for staff. (Jones has not reported this on her campaign finance reports). Jones is from the Democratic Socialists of America, as is her husband, a sitting judge. TOP’s endorsement and money has given this socialist an opportunity to run under the cover of the Democratic Party, much like LaRouche candidates have in the past. The DSA has now become the LaRouche of the party minus the signing.

TOP claims Audia is the only one that would advocate for bail reform, which is absolutely not true. This type of endorsement gives socialists a foot into the door to our party. They run as “progressives” yet will be seen as the candidate of the Democratic Party  that is more concerned about those who break the law instead of protecting those who don’t.

Bali reform is needed Another Socialist in our party is not.

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