Why are you running? Dawn Rogers for District Judge District 334

There are a number of challengers against well established incumbents especially in judicial races. Dawn Rogers is one who is challenging Judge Steven Kirkland. It makes you wonder: Why are you running?

There really is no reason Judge Kirkland should be challenged except for maybe one thing. Back in 2017 Judge Kirkland ruled against Landry’s Restaurant. The Houston Press wrote:

Landry’s must pay an animal welfare organization it sued for defamation $450,000 in sanctions, a Harris County District Judge ruled Wednesday, upon dismissing the case. Judge Steven Kirkland dismissed Landry’s suit with prejudice and wrote that the sanctions were necessary “to deter Plaintiffs from filing similar actions in the future.” Kirkland also ordered Landry’s to pay more than $170,000 in legal fees.

So this case cost Landry’s $620,000. Kirkland’s opponent raised $9,395 with $5,000 coming from Landy’s Restaurant PAC. Coincidence? Kirkland has served the community very well. Let’s keep him on the bench.

Candidate COH Raised Spent Loan
Judge Kirkland $105,141 $50,271 $23,846 $0
Dawn Rogers $2,865 $9,395 $10,715 $0

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