Loaning Campaign Cash. Kathaleen Wall. Again

The gun nut, trump loving, ass kissing, Kathaleen Wall is at it again.

In her latest campaign finance report Wall has put $1.6 Million of her own money into her primary campaign for Congressional District 22. She is up against about 19 other (R) rotten bastards. She joins others rotten bastards like Tony Buzbee, Gary Gates and Money Mayes Middleton who are wealthy enough to self finance their election. Maybe this time she will win. LOL.

When she was running for CD 2 in 2018 she spent $6 Million of her own money and came in 3rd place missing the run off even after being endorsed by Greg Abbott. Kathaleen gave Abbott a boat load of money. Imagine that.

Wall raised only $4700, spent $1,604,387, and has $0 COH.

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