A Socialist wins LGBTQ endorsement

If there was any doubt the socialist party has infiltrated the Democratic Party yesterdays endorsement of Audia Jones for Harris County District Attorney by The Caucus should have wiped that out.

The LGBTQ PAC, The Caucus, endorsed Audia Jones for DA. Jones is a member of the Socialists of America Party as is her husband who is now a sitting judge. Besides being a socialist, Jones can’t raise money. She is being supported by a PAC called the Real Justice PAC solely funded by another socialist from California. They have donated over $50,000 to Audia Jones which includes in-kind donations of over $20,000 for staff. Jones has $29,000 cash on hand.

The Caucus has an excellent endorsement process. The candidates are screened, interviewed and vetted. The screening committee makes a recommendation to the membership which can accept or override. It really is a good process and one that should be copied by other clubs.

This endorsement though is a head shaker. If by chance Jones advances to the general the seat will probably go to the Republicans. The last two socialist candidates running in the area, Bernie Sanders, and CD7 candidate Laura Moser lost in the primary by 65/35 and 70/30 after raising millions of dollars. The republicans would have a field day with this race in the general election.

Maybe Jones stacked the crowd in order to win the endorsement. If so, she should win other endorsements based solely on the membership dues and not ability to win.

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