Socialists get hammered in Texas Primaries

This can’t be good for the Socialists running in the Democratic Party.

Last week Sanders came in second place in South Carolina with 19% of the vote. That was 7% less than he did in 2016. Here in Texas Sanders received 3% less than he did in 2016. He isn’t expanding his base.

Locally the socialist running for Harris County DA, Audia Jones, got hammered with only 22% of the vote. Jessica Cisneros, another socialist running against Rep Henry Cuellar, lost in CD28. Cuellar needs to be replaced, but for gosh sakes, next time find someone from the Democratic Party to challenge him. Sema Hernandez, running for US Senate, came in 7th place with 8%, which was expected.

A bright spot for the socialists was Jose Garza in Travis County a county that Sanders won. He is now in a runoff with District Attorney Moore after receiving 44% of the vote to 41% for Moore. Travis County has a choice to make. Do you want a socialist for DA? Or a Democrat. You can’t have both.

Garza and Jones were funded in part by the single donor Real Justice PAC. This individual, Cari Tuna from San Fransisco, is funding candidates in District Attorney races. As other socialist candidates across the country they tend to have a chance in super blue areas. Travis County is pretty blue.

Now will the Democratic voters in Travis County give up their District Attorney’s office to a socialist?

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