Wonder what the (R) stand for? TX State Representative "Little Baby" Briscoe Cain

Little Baby Briscoe is at it again showing everyone what the (R) stand for, and it’s not “Republican”.

I’ve said it before. The (R) stands for Racist. It’s what the republicans have become starting at the top of their party. Baby Briscoe is just following his daddy trump and making racist comments even towards a fellow Asian American Representative. Baby Briscoe is a senior attorney at Fulton Strahan Law Group. When Baby Briscoe made a threat to Congressman Beto O’Rourke his law firm was flooded with calls for his resignation. From KHOU:

Incessant emails, phone calls and voicemails have been inundating Kevin Fulton’s law firm, Fulton Strahan Law Group, since early Friday morning. Fulton shared with us just a few of the 804 voicemails left in less than two days. 

“We had to shut the phones off. They took my email address and signed us up for a bunch of different newsletters and spam and porn sites, everything they could find, trying to shut down the email system,” Fulton said.

Making threats to candidates might not be enough to fire someone in that law group.  Maybe racism is. (R) Racist.

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