Fort Bend Sheriff Tony Nehls support of racist Wall. (Kathaleen Wall)

Click pic for dog whistle video

Ask Judge Ed Emmett what happens when you stand with a racist and keep your mouth shut.

Kathaleen Wall is a candidate endorsed by Governor Abbott, spending her own money to win a seat in Congress, and has recently sent out a racist ad concerning the Coronavirus. She is in a runoff in CD22 against Fort Bend Sheriff Tony Nehls.

When your opponent, or someone you know, says something that is racially dividing or just plain racist, you have two options. 1) Denounce it. Say it is wrong. Say the statement does not represent you, your campaign, or the party. or 2) Stay quiet as if you agree.

Judge Emmett stayed quiet while his leader made racist comments over and over again. He lost his job in 2018. Nehls has been quiet. Not a peep out of him. Zero. Zip. Nada. The Texas Democratic Party as well as the Democratic nominee for CD22 has not been quiet. From a press conference:

From Donald Trump to John Cornyn to Kathaleen Wall, Republicans everywhere have taken to racist dog-whistles to distract from their mismanagement of the coronavirus crisis. This racist rhetoric is dangerous to our Texas AAPI community, the fastest growing community in the state, and has already caused a “spike in prejudice” against Asian Americans

It’s as if Tony Nehls, Greg Abbott, John Cornyn, and the entire Republican Party agrees with racist Walls. It’s who they are. It’s what they have become.

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