Former Clear Lake Congressman, Steve Stockman, seeks pardon

Steve Stockman was elected to congress to serve in Texas Congressional District 9. He served 1 term. He returned 16 years later and won in the newly created district 36. He served one term and then was convicted on 23 of 24 felony counts. He is serving a 10 year sentence in federal prison.

Stockman is now asking for a pardon from Trump due to the Coronavirus hoax. If Stockman was still in office he would probably be leading the effort  against the Coronavirus response by our elected officials. He would probably be posting pictures of himself at church with his minions. He would probably be walking around with an AR15 strapped to his back at the grocery store. This is who he is. He is a felon. He is an asshole. A perfect candidate for a pardon.

Just an FYI. From a previous post:

Stockman represented the Clear Lake area for 2 years and was nothing but a jackass. He accomplished nothing. His entire 2 years was devoted to making wise ass comments on twitter, questioning Obama’s place of birth, and gun nuttery.

He doesn’t deserve a pardon which is probably why he will get one. 

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