Last Republican standing. George W. Bush

WTF happened to your party?

I didn’t agree with many policies of President George W. Bush especially his attack on Iraq but I never thought he was a horrible human being like Trump. I never hated him like I hate Trump, his entire family, and his ass kissing administration, elected officials, and party members.

Bush released a video calling on Americans to come together during this Coronavirus crisis and as usual Trump had to make fun of him. Typical Trump. Let’s make something very clear. There is no “coming together”. There is only one side that continues to lie to the American people every single day. There is only one side that is calling for armed revolt. There is only one side coddling the extreme, racists of the Republican Party. There is only one side who has no ability to remove their lips from Trump’s ass, stand on their own two feet and tell him to cut it out. It’s sickening.

What the living f*ck happened to you?

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