NASCAR driver finds an excuse to leave NASCAR

Ray Ciccarelli is/was a NASCAR driver. NASCAR gave him the perfect excuse to leave the sport, banning the confederate flag from it’s properties. That includes the parking lot, the stands, the pits, and cars. Ciccarelli took a stand and has announced he is leaving. Up until now no one knew who he was. Much like what the confederate flag symbolizes, Ray wasn’t a winner.

Ray is what we call “filler” in sports. He was there to fill out the crowd on the track. No one wants to see a race between the top 10 drivers. A race with 20 or more is much more exciting. NASCAR gave Ray a great excuse to bow out of a sport he wasn’t very good at. I am sure NASCAR will miss him dearly.

If you ever been to a NASCAR race the confederate flag is everywhere. My first trip to a track included sitting behind a guy with a t-shirt that said “You fly yours, I’ll fly mine”. Whatever bitch.

Here is a quick video of Ray’s car catching fire. Luckily Ray was fine.

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