How to avoid being labeled a racist (R)

It really isn’t hard.

Since the killing of George Floyd there has been a rash of firing, suspensions, and removals from office because of racist comments or displays. Here in Harris County after posting a racist meme the Chair of the Republican Party resigned his position months before officially taking the office. He also lost his job with the City of Pasadena. He is just one of 6 other republican county chairs in Texas who have been asked to resign by the Governor or encouraged to resign for posting racist comments on Facebook.

Maybe the (R)s need a little training on how to avoid being labeled a racist (R). Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t be a racist. Racism is bad. Very bad. (it’s also 2020. You shouldn’t have to be told this.)
  2. Think before you post something on social media. 
  3. If you think what you want to post might be considered racist, it probably is. Don’t post it.
  4. Don’t use racist slurs. You know what they are. Just don’t say them. Ever.
  5. Remember that social media and video are forever. They never go away. What you write or do might go viral and available for your next possible employer to find. No one will hire a racist.
  6. Don’t display racist symbols. That means take your confederate flag off your pick up truck before driving to work, unless you really are a racist. If you are a racist fly the flag so we know who you are. The Confederate flag is a flag for losers, literally and it has become a symbol of racism. 
  7. And if you really have the urge to show your racism, do it in the comfort of your own home and using your inside your head voice.
If by chance you make an unfortunate comment that could be considered racist, apologize. Sincerely. Then learn from your stupidity. 

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