Texas Gov Greg Abbott. A State of Embarrassment

All Texans needed was for Texas leaders to do just that, lead, and Gov Abbott has failed spectacularly in his response to the COVID virus.

All he had to do was to listen to the experts in the field and take necessary precautions. Instead he listened to the person who wanted to inject Americans with bleach and opened Texas back to business too soon. In return for his vest to please his president the State is now going back to a lockdown. Bars are now closed. Restaurants are scaling back. Harris County is now recommending a voluntary stay at home order.

All because Abbott wanted to look good with the president. Lives have been lost. Businesses have been closed. Texans have lost their jobs. Just because Abbott was afraid to stand up to Trump.

Well as the saying goes, we do things bigger in Texas including being the biggest embarrassment to the state and to the country. Abbott may want to cover his face with a mask to hide his shame.

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