Raising Campaign Cash: Tony Nehls CD22

Tony Nehls is a Sheriff in Fort Bend County. Like his opponent he loves Trump, the racist president. Unlike his opponent, who has sort of raised $7.5 Million, (all donations came from her own pocket) Nehls has raised a very tepid $490,000. That amount is about as exciting as getting an upgrade to a Big Gulp of diet cherry coke. Maybe he wasn’t trying very hard. Or maybe he just can’t raise money or interest.

Other republicans like, Pierce Bush, was able to raise $1.3 Million but he didn’t meet the criteria of a new republican and did not make the runoff. $490,000 is an amount needed to run a State House race if it is competitive. It’s not enough for a Congressional race.

Maybe he is like Trump and doesn’t really want to win anymore. So much winning.

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