When Republican Veterans attack American Veterans. Congressman Dan Crenshaw

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw is the next Donald Trump. Keep your eye on him.

Dan Crenshaw was caught on video during a campaign strategy session questioning the patriotism of another veteran, Senator Tammy Duckworth. Senator Duckworth lost her legs when her attack helicopter was hit by a rocket propelled grenade while serving in Iraq. The Washington Post obtained a copy of the video of his response:

“I think a general message that the left stands for the destruction of America, and the right doesn’t, probably works pretty well with veterans, even liberal ones,” Crenshaw said in a Wednesday night “MAGA meetup” organized by the Trump campaign. “Because even liberal veterans probably don’t agree with that, unless you’re Tammy Duckworth.” The Washington Post obtained a video of the U.S. congressman’s remarks.”

This isn’t the first time the Republican Party has mocked Veterans of war. Back in 2004 the delegates at the republican convention wore Purple Heart bandaids mocking the injuries suffered by Senator John Kerry. In 2002 they attacked Senator Max Cleland in the same manner, questioning his patriotism. Cleland at the age of 25 lost both legs serving in Vietnam. And they stood silently as their great leader, Donald Trump, mocked and ridicules Senator John McCain who was a POW during the Vietnam war.

Now, Crenshaw continues the tradition by attacking a Veteran of the Iraq War. This is who they are. This is who he is. Keep an eye on him. 

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