After a racist post, will the Harris County Republican Party stand by their Chair, Keith Nielsen?

Remember that racist post the chair-elect of the Harris County Republican Party, Keith Nielsen shared on his Facebook page? Let me remind you:

Keith posted a racist meme (which has been removed) on Facebook quoting Martin Luther King. The meme also had a pic of a banana next to the Black civil rights leader’s quote. It wasn’t a fruit salad, or a medley of fresh tropical fruits and he wasn’t in the middle of a well balanced meal when he created the meme. It was a banana. It was racist. We know it. He knows it. The Pasadena City Council knows it and took action.

Nielson was fired from the Texas Planning Commission based upon his racist post. Shortly afterward he resigned from the position of Chair of the Harris County Republican Party before even taking office. And then today we hear this:

Harris County GOP officials are increasingly convinced that chairman-elect Keith Nielsen plans to take office next month despite saying he would step aside weeks ago after sharing a racist image on social media.

So now it is up to the precinct chairs of the party to decide which side of the aisle they are on. Do you line up behind Nielsen and shake off his racist post or call for his removal? My bet is that they will stand with Nielsen, after all they are firmly behind the racist in chief, Donald Trump so why not just maintain consistency? It’s really just who they are as a party. Nielsen is a perfect leader for them. 

No Place but the Texas GOP.

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